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When it’s time to clear away the confusion and risk of error when it comes to finding a mortgage that fits within your personal financial picture and will give you a strong foundation for future goals and an improved quality of life. DA LOAN LADY™ is pleased to offer guidance and practical options to make both residential and commercial real-estate property purchases through the use of specialty loans that include federal housing assistance programs and many more ways to get a home loan (even with not-so-great credit).

When you need a fast closing!

Fix & Flip

  • Up to 90% LTV
  • Maturities up to 2 years
  • Flexible and Common Sense Underwritting

We make loans to investors who borrow to flix and flip, buy to rent, or refinance investment property only. Corporations and LLC’s are welcome. 

NMLS #1989837
BROKER DRE #00767040

NO Income Ratio Program for Investment Properties!

NO Income Ratio at all!
· No Income/Employment Documentation Required or on 1003

Asset Seasoning Just 30 Days

Loan Amounts to $2mm

Max Financed Properties: 20

The Reverse Mortgage Loan

Reverse Mortgage Purchase

Reverse Mortgage Refinance

Questions you may have?

How much do I qualify for?

How much money does a transaction cost?

How do I get my loan into process?

“We even got a horse a loan!”

DA LOAN LADY Helps with
“1st time buyers”

saves you time and $$$

Low down payments: Both options feature low down payment options (eligible borrowers can put down as little as 3.5% for FHA and 3% for Conventional), but it can be easier to qualify for an FHA loan, as lower credits scores are accepted and there are less restrictive debt-to-income ratio requirements.

Residence type: You can only use an FHA 203 loan on a primary residence; a FHA has hundreds of different programs to choose from for investors, first time buyers or refinance and more.

Mortgage insurance: Mortgage insurance is required on all FHA loans, regardless of down payment size. You can avoid paying private mortgage insurance on a Conventional loan if you have a 20% down payment. But if you don’t, PMI drops after you reach 22% of your home’s equity.

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